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Jorie West, of Sayani, wrote the Nammy-nominated song "Desert Wind" about the Navajo BIC Mission in Bloomfield, New Mexico.  

Duane Bristow, the director of the mission, opens the song in a beautiful chant.  Sayani describes some of the sites and sounds of the mission and the land where it was planted.  Yahweh, Creator God, breathes life into the music as He calls out to you, His people, while Wayne Santos adds color and rhythm with the acoustic guitar.  Azee' yá'át'éehii (Good Medicine) Drum Group, led by Duane Bristow with Ralph Yoder, offers a strong and steady heartbeat throughout the song with the drum.  All join together on the chorus in a powerful tribute to honor Yahweh.  Sayani and Wayne Santos continue to sing the story, and if you sit back, close your eyes and open your heart, you'll feel the Desert Wind drawing you closer to the One who created and loves you.

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