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Yanasi Canyon is a place where the presence of The Almighty is so strong that even those who are not sensitive to spiritual things can sense His power.  Legends of the Canyon is the story of a Native American people whose leader, Chief Calfseller, heard the voice of God in his spirit as a youth. He listened to the voice of the spirit within him, followed God in all of his ways, and taught his family to do the same.

When a young missionary girl finds herself stranded and alone near their village, God brings them together through one of the chief’s sons and she introduces Calfseller, his family, and their people to the Bible. Through all of the twists and turns in an unpredictable world, they learn how to walk in the blessing of the Lord and see miracle after miracle as He moves throughout Yanasi Canyon.


Legends of the Canyon is the first book in the Yanasi Canyon series.

Legends of the Canyon: Sons and Daughters

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